In any plataform of electronics or software there is always the famous hello world example. Therefore I decided to start from this keyword, explaining exactly why I created this blog, what you can wait for reading or learning with it. First thing to say is that this is not my first blog, before I tried to write something about electronics but I gave up because the plataform is very tiring to use and create new posts.

The name

As a Pink Floyd fan, the memorial mainly disc is the Dark Side of the Moon and as an Electrical Engineer, Soldering Iron is a common object that I use along the day then I decided to join this two things in the formation name of my blog.
Dark Side of The Moon Cover Disc


In a general way, I want like to write in a different model that I'm used to it, writing tutorials, review and other things. As a summary list, I would like to present:

  1. Tutorials
  2. Review of dev. boards or boards that I'm developing
  3. Hardware tips
  4. Integration with IoT plataforms and similiar subjects

..and as the under title says, I'll try to build useful things with my IoT projects or at least...the closer that this can be. Welcome and let's get started.